Step 8: Set up the senseBox

To maximize data transferability and data comparability, there are some tips you should follow when setting up the senseBox:home.

Technical Equipment at the Site of Installation:

  1. Power supply: The senseBox needs a continuous power supply. The supplied cable has a length of 3m.

  2. Data transfer: The senseBox needs a way to continuously transfer data to the Internet. The senseBox can be ordered with WLAN or LAN transmission option. Depending on the version you need access to the appropriate network (WLAN network, or LAN cable to the router)

Site of Installation:

  1. Basically, there is no right or wrong site. We encourage you to build the senseBox where you are interested in measuring yourself.

  2. The senseBox community is pleased if the senseBoxes have a good documentation on the openSenseMap. This includes: a. A picture of the station b. Procurement of the location, such as height, roofing, orientation. c. Other descriptions

  3. From a scientific point of view, of course, there is an extensive investigation for optimal data acquisition. Many different factors influence the measurement quality. We refer to the following points:

  4. Of course, different positions change the readings. If you place the senseBox directly in the sun, the temperature values can be very high.
  5. It is also better to mount the senseBox slightly away from the wall of the house (for example, on a balcony railing), to avoid falsification by waste heat. Detailed information on the meteorological data collection can be found e.g. under the following link:

  6. The quality of the measured data also depends on the mounting of the sensors within the senseBox. This information can be found in our building instructions:


  1. It should be absolutely avoided that condensate collects in the senseBox. Therefore, a visual check of the senseBox is recommended at least once a month. If necessary, the Silica gel should be renewed.
  2. The senseBox should be freed regularly of accumulating dirt.

You can find further tips on and in our forum

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