Illumination and UV-Radiation Sensor

Two sensors are put together on this senseBox component. The light intensity is measured with the TSL45315 sensor from AMS-TAOS. This sensor detects the light conditions similar to the human eye and outputs the brightness values directly in lux, with a large dynamic range (3 lux to 220k lux). The second sensor is a Vishay VEML6070 Ultraviolet (UV) light sensor. This converts the intensity of the UV light of the sun into digital data. The sensor has excellent UV sensitivity and linearity via Filtron ™ technology. It has a good UV radiation measurement even with long solar UV exposure and can compensate for excellent temperature fluctuations.

Illumination and UV-Radiation
Illumination and UV-Radiation

Technical Details

Exposure Sensor

  • 3,3V - 5V tolerant I2C/TWI Interface
  • Input voltage range: 3,3V - 5V
  • On-board 2,5V voltage regulator
  • On-board levelconverter


  • Operating voltage: 2,7V - 5,5V I2C Interface
  • Supports confirmation function (Active Acknowledge-Function)
  • Temperature compensation: -40°C to +85°C
  • Software-switching of control for immunity with flickering fluorescent lamps


  • 25mm x 25mm x 9mm
  • Weight: 2,5 g

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