Fine Dust Sensor

With this sensor SDS011 it is possible to determine the fine dust concentration in the air. The sensor outputs two values: the concentration of PM2.5 (particle < 2.5 μm) and PM10 (particle < 10 μm). This sensor is equipped with a small fan to suck in air. Inside is a laser that measures the number of particles together with a photodiode. The results of the measurements are given in μg / m³ (micrograms per cubic meter)

Fine dust sensor for PM10 und PM2.5
Fine dust sensor for PM10 und PM2.5

Technical Details

  • Fast reaction time less than 10 seconds
  • "Plug-in-and-Go" senseBox compatibel
  • High resolution up to 0.3µg/m3
  • Multiple scientific verification of data accuracy

Parts required for the Set-Up

Required (provided) Parts
Required (provided) Parts
  • SDS011 fine dust sensor
  • connecting wire
  • an unit of teflon tube Ø = 6mm inside and Ø = 8mm outside
  • Case
  • Cable gland 16mm

Connection and Programming

With the supplied connection cable you can connect your fine dust sensor with the "UART / Serial" port of the senseBoxMCU. Once this is done, we can now initialize the sensor in the program code and have the first measured values output

Make sure you have the latest board support package installed because you need the correct software libraries. How this works was shown in Step 2.
First, create an instance of the sensor. For this we create 2 variables in which we save our two readings for PM10 and PM2.5.

#include "SenseBoxMCU.h"
SDS011 my_sds(Serial1) // Serial1 indicates the serial port where you connected the sensor
float p10,p25

setup() Funktion

The sensor should now start in the setup()-Function:

void setup(){
    // Initialise normal seriel Port  
    // Initialize the serial port where our sensor is connected


loop() Funktion

In the loop () function we can use the command 'getPm10 ()' and 'getPm25 () to retrieve the currently measured fine dust values:

void loop(){
    // Assign variables to measured particulate matter values
    p10 = my_sds.getPm10();
    p25 = my_sds.getPm25();
    //Print values in the console
    Serial.println("P2.5: "+String(p25));
    Serial.println("P10:  "+String(p10));

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