Here you will find a overview what you can find in your senseBox:home. Please note that not all senseBox:home have the same setup. However, there is always a basis setup with the microcontroller and some parts to setup the box, but there can be different sensors, bees and more additional equipment entsprechend deinen Bedürfnissen.


The senseBox:home has a Basis-Setup which comes with each senseBox and consist of the following components:

More components which can differ

We wanted to create the senseBox as flexible and customized as possible. Therefore sensors and the way to upload data (we call them "bees" can differ depending on you reseller. Check here which components exist.


Bees are the interface of your senseBox. Thanks to them you can upload, save and transmit data. You need minimum one bee to have a fully functional senseBox.

Currently there are four differnt bees. However, you can put only two Bees at the same time on your microcontroller. Click on the name of a bee to learn more about it:


The sensors are the heart of your senseBox. Depending on what you want to measure you can add and choose the sensors for your senseBox. Click on the name of a sensor to learn more about it:

Additional Components

There are some more components you can buy for your senseBox. Check them out by clicking on the names.

Currently this is the set of components we offer. However we constantly increase the set of components we offer and try to fullfill all the wishes of the community. The senseBos is a open source microcontroller which you can extend with many more sensors. Feel free to adapt your own sensors on the senseBox if you feel able to make it on your own. Please understand that we cannon help you in that case with additional support. However, you might find help in the senseBox community

But let us start now with some action! Have fun with your senseBox:home!

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