In this book, we'll show you what you can do with your senseBox, and explain everything you need to know to build a ready weather station. We also give you tips and suggestions for further experiments.

So that everything runs smoothly we start from the very beginning and lead you step by step through the installation of software and hardware up to the construction of your operational measuring station. First of all, you get an overview of how this book is structured.

  1. Getting Started - Install needed programs, test your sensors and start with your senseBox
    1. Installation of required software
    2. Installing the Board Support Packages and SenseBox Libraries
    3. Connection and Wiring
    4. Test components
    5. Encryption
    6. Registration on the openSenseMap
    7. Assembling in the housing
    8. Setting up the senseBox
  2. Components - Look at all parts of the senseBox and their functions
    1. Contents
      1. senseBox MCU
      2. Bees
      3. Sensors
      4. Accessories
  3. Help - Frequently asked questions, answers and help with problems
    1. FAQ
    2. Add External Libraries
    3. Firmware Update Wifi-Bee
    4. Update Windows USB Bootloader Driver
    5. Updating the Board Support Package & senseBox Libraries
    6. Contributing

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