Radiation Protection

The radiation protection protects the outdoor transmitter for temperature + humidity (BMP280) from the weather. It serves as protection against precipitation and direct sunlight. It is easy to mount and has an opening for the sensor cables.

Advice for the Location of the Radiation Protection

  • Choose a shady spot outdoors for radiation protection . (Direct sunshine falsifies the measured values).

  • Please check wheter a transmission from the transmitter to the desired installation location is possible (in massive walls, especially with metal parts, the transmission range can get considerably reduced).

Mounting of the Protective Cover

  • Turn off the protective cover clockwise from the bottom plate .
  • The protective cover can be be screwed on a suitable surface for a secure fit.
  • Choose a smooth, horizontal position.
  • Pass a screw through the opening in the middle and screw the floorplate firmly.

Attachment to a Wall or to a Pole

  • Remove the wall bracket from the case by sliding it down.
  • Attach the wall bracket to the wall with the screws and dowels. Please mind the marking "UP"
  • If you want to attach the wall bracket to a pole, you can also use the cable ties.
  • Note: When mounting, please make sure that the protective cover can be easily inserted into the Wall bracket
  • Put the protective cover with the base plate and the attached transmitter in the wall bracket from above.

Attachment of the Transmitter

  • To secure the transmitter to the base plate, attach the Velcro strip with the double-sided tape to the base on the stand and on the back of the transmitter and fix the transmitter. Alternatively, you can also use the cable ties or work with hot glue.
  • Guide the cables through the provided opening in the bottom plate.
  • Place the protective cover on the base plate with the attached transmitter and turn it counterclockwise.

Care and Maintenance

  • Clean the protective cover with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Do not use scouring or solvents.

Technical Data

Interior dimensions: Höhe 160 mm Interior diameter: 60 mm Case measurements: 95 x 102 (108) x 180 mm Weight: 163 g

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